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Governor LePage Visits Schmooses!

Owners Val (left) and Ed (right) welcome Maine's Governor
 to the great town of Jackman.

Governor LePage enjoyed a delicious buffet-style meal here on
July 23, 2012 after his tour of Moose River Lumber Company, who received
 the 2012 Governor’s Award for Business Excellence. 
Moose River Lumber Company saws, planes, dries, and distributes  spruce-pine-fir dimension
lumber and boards to retailers and builders from Maine to Florida.

Fresh, mouthwatering foods decorated the buffet table.*

         Forty-six area residents and business owners participated
in the savory buffet luncheon.*

Governor LePage spoke to the attendees about education, fiscal budget responsibility, and job creation, his foremost priorities at this time. The
 governor’s visit marks a special day in the history of the Jackman area.

  *Photos courtesy of Steve Banahan of Moose River Lumber Co.